Resources and Waste Stage


Advancing the circular economy

Net-zero business is about so much more than carbon. Against a backdrop of increasing resource scarcity and hyper-consumerism, our Resources and Waste Stage is dedicated to the people and projects that are collaborating and innovating to minimise waste. Find this stage within the Net-Zero Resources & Waste Hub to discover how you can move towards a regenerative economy.

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Resources and Waste Stage
  1. Resources and Waste Stage

    Setting the bar high from the offset, we hear from the inspirational business leaders that are accelerating the circular economy transition by redesigning systems, shaking up business models and embracing a zero-waste mindset.

  2. Resources and Waste Stage

    The vast majority of consumers have never heard of the ‘circular economy’. It’s therefore no surprise that mainstreaming the concept remains a major challenge for business. This session will see industry experts discuss the role that sustainability and resource efficiency professionals can play in changing how people think and act towards the circular economy.

  3. Resources and Waste Stage

    The UK Government promised to “cement the UK’s place as a world-leader in resource efficiency” through its Resources and Waste Strategy – so, what are the key policy and regulatory enablers supporting businesses when it comes to waste prevention, re-use and recycling?

  4. Resources and Waste Stage

    From hyper-consumerism and unsustainable business models to poor waste management infrastructure and inadequate recycling technologies – the road to a circular economy is paved with a number of key challenges. This panel debate brings together an array of resource efficiency experts to discuss how those challenges can be overcome over the next few years.

  5. Resources and Waste Stage

    Plastics pollution is without doubt the biggest circular economy challenge business has ever faced. This flagship session will see a selection of business leaders and circular economy experts discuss the solutions that are accelerating the UK’s transition to an economy free of single-use-plastic.

  6. Resources and Waste Stage

    This session is all about breaking out of the fixed mindset and sparking disruptive ideas and actions to build an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. We’ll be hearing from a selection of business leaders and innovators working on the cutting edge of the circular economy.

  7. Resources and Waste Stage

    This series of quick-fire case studies will hear from the organisations that are delivering against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through sustainability and resource efficiency.

  8. Resources and Waste Stage

    The need to adopt transparent and sustainable supply chain and procurement models has never been more important in the context of  resources and waste. This session will hear from a selection of sustainability and supply chain experts who are taking the lead on supplier engagement to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.   

  9. Resources and Waste Stage
    We close the day with a look at how businesses can transition away from linear, degenerative business models and reduce impacts on soil, fish stocks, forests and more to become ‘one-planet compatible’


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