Business Leadership Stage


Empowering sustainability leaders

Our flagship Business Leadership Stage is packed with insightful talks, informative panel discussions and inspiring movie screenings. Located within the Net-Zero Business Leadership Hub, this stage will empower you to accelerate climate action and lead your organisation to sustainability success in the 2020s.

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Business leadership stage

  1. Business Leadership Stage

    Day one started with the why and day two begins by exploring the how. Government, business and society are increasingly aligned as to the sustainable future we want to achieve and there is no shortage of companies publishing net-zero targets. But how are we going to get there? This session has the answers.

  2. Business Leadership Stage
    We start with why. From rising global megatrends and mounting stakeholder pressures through to the findings from the latest academic research, our opening session sets the scene for Net-Zero Live by exploring why businesses must adapt and evolve throughout the decade. 
  3. Business Leadership Stage

    Concluding the first day of Net-Zero Live, business leaders representing three different industries will take part in an audience-led discussion focused on some of the biggest challenges facing sustainability professionals in 2020.

  4. Business Leadership Stage

    edie’s hugely popular sustainable business chat show returns to Net-Zero Live, offering up a series of audience-led discussions with revered sustainability and energy leaders to help you make net-zero ‘Mission Possible’ for your business. First up: a discussion focused on shaping your sustainability strategy in 2020.

  5. Business Leadership Stage

    The era of standalone sustainability strategies is over. The real leaders of the 2020s will be those with the skill and the will to partner with a range of other organisations to drive sustainability at speed and scale. This session will show you what that leadership looks like.

  6. Business Leadership Stage
    Be inspired by this uninterrupted screening of WWF’s powerful documentary film Our Planet: Our Business, followed by a live audience Q&A.
  7. Business Leadership Stage

    This session is a must-attend for all business professionals seeking to drive engagement on sustainability in 2020. From TCFD reporting to influence investors through to purpose-led behaviour change campaigns to empower employees – our expert speakers have got it covered.

  8. Business Leadership Stage

    We’re wrapping up Net-Zero Live with a very special session which brings together three generations of sustainability leaders to discuss the major trends that will define good business in the 2020s and to explore what the future holds for the profession.

  9. Business Leadership Stage

    We’re back on the Sofa with an all-star cast of business leaders and sustainable development experts who will together discuss what successful, responsible and purposeful business looks like through the lens of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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