Buildings and Transport Stage


Transforming industry and infrastructure

Buildings and transport represent two of the most business-critical areas of focus when it comes to achieving a net-zero carbon economy.

This dedicated stage within the Net-Zero Carbon Hub will therefore showcase some of the latest industry developments and never-before-seen case studies to help energy and sustainability managers make net-zero buildings and transport a reality.

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Buildings and transport stage
  1. Buildings and Transport Stage

    To achieve good development on a planet stressed by escalating climate change and diminishing natural resources, our buildings must be net-zero carbon and ultra-efficient. This session will hear from the businesses that are leading the UK’s green building movement.

  2. Buildings and Transport Stage

    From building automation and controls through to telematics and autonomous vehicles – this session will explore the changing relationship between employees and energy on the road to net-zero buildings and transport.

  3. Buildings and Transport Stage

    Transport is responsible for a quarter of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions – but the solutions are ready, here, now. This session will bring together energy and fleet managers from some of the businesses that are spearheading the movement towards net-zero carbon transport.

  4. Buildings and Transport Stage

    Mass urbanisation continues to pile pressure on every part of a city's status quo – and buildings and transport are no exception. This session will explore how businesses are utilising smart technologies and innovations to build net-zero-ready buildings and transport systems.

  5. Buildings and Transport Stage

    It’s clear that stronger and more effective policies will be needed for businesses to achieve net-zero buildings and transport by 2050. This session provides an update as to the regulatory environment across both of these areas, and explores the policy priorities for the coming few years.

  6. Buildings and Transport Stage

    Electric vehicles are just one piece of the net-zero carbon transport puzzle. From alternative fuels to smarter business travel, this session will showcase some of the other mobility solutions that are being turned to on the road to zero emissions.

  7. Buildings and Transport Stage

    A high initial cost of purchasing EV models and inadequate charging infrastructure are just some of the challenges being felt by businesses when it comes to making the switch to EVs. This hour-long session will hear from the organisations that are overcoming those challenges and accelerating the e-mobility transition.

  8. Buildings and Transport Stage

    This series of quick-fire case studies will hear from the organisations that have taken their energy efficiency strategies onto the next level; going beyond the low-hanging fruit to reduce energy costs and deliver lasting performance improvements across their operations.

  9. Buildings and Transport Stage

    It’s been a hot topic ever since the UK announced it’s net-zero carbon commitment: the decarbonisation of heat – which is responsible for around 25% of the country’s emissions. This session will explore what the future holds for low-carbon heating and cooling – from both a business and policy perspective.


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