Theatre programme


Business Leadership Stage

Empowering sustainability leaders

Resources & Waste Stage

Advancing the circular economy

Energy Management Stage

Achieving a zero-carbon future

Buildings & Transport Stage

Transforming industry and infrastructure

Business Leadership Stage
  1. Business Leadership Stage

    Day one started with the why and day two begins by exploring the how. Government, business and society are increasingly aligned as to the sustainable future we want to achieve and there is no shortage of companies publishing net-zero targets. But how are we going to get there? This session has the answers.

  2. Business Leadership Stage
    We start with why. From rising global megatrends and mounting stakeholder pressures through to the findings from the latest academic research, our opening session sets the scene for Net-Zero Live by exploring why businesses must adapt and evolve throughout the decade. 
  3. Business Leadership Stage

    Concluding the first day of Net-Zero Live, business leaders representing three different industries will take part in an audience-led discussion focused on some of the biggest challenges facing sustainability professionals in 2020.

  4. Business Leadership Stage

    edie’s hugely popular sustainable business chat show returns to Net-Zero Live, offering up a series of audience-led discussions with revered sustainability and energy leaders to help you make net-zero ‘Mission Possible’ for your business. First up: a discussion focused on shaping your sustainability strategy in 2020.

  5. Business Leadership Stage

    The era of standalone sustainability strategies is over. The real leaders of the 2020s will be those with the skill and the will to partner with a range of other organisations to drive sustainability at speed and scale. This session will show you what that leadership looks like.

  6. Business Leadership Stage
    Be inspired by this uninterrupted screening of WWF’s powerful documentary film Our Planet: Our Business, followed by a live audience Q&A.
  7. Business Leadership Stage

    This session is a must-attend for all business professionals seeking to drive engagement on sustainability in 2020. From TCFD reporting to influence investors through to purpose-led behaviour change campaigns to empower employees – our expert speakers have got it covered.

  8. Business Leadership Stage

    We’re wrapping up Net-Zero Live with a very special session which brings together three generations of sustainability leaders to discuss the major trends that will define good business in the 2020s and to explore what the future holds for the profession.

  9. Business Leadership Stage

    We’re back on the Sofa with an all-star cast of business leaders and sustainable development experts who will together discuss what successful, responsible and purposeful business looks like through the lens of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Energy Management Stage
  1. Energy Management Stage

    As the first major economy to pass net-zero emissions law, does the UK have the right policy and regulatory frameworks to back it up? Our opening session on this stage provides a need-to-know update on the various policies and regulations underpinning the delivery of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy.

  2. Energy Management Stage

    The UK’s world-leading commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 was a monumental step. But of course, setting the target was the easy part. This panel debate brings together an array of energy industry experts to discuss how businesses and policymakers can collectively turn the ambition into action.

  3. Energy Management Stage

    Renewable energy technologies and ‘flexible’ power systems such as energy storage and demand response are together changing the way that energy is generated and used. This session explores how businesses are championing decentralised, democratised energy systems to deliver deep decarbonisation. 

  4. Energy Management Stage

    From measuring the impacts of ESOS Phase 2 and SECR through to deploying ISO 50001 and utilising Energy Performance Contracts – this session breaks down everything you need to know about within the complex landscape of energy reporting and regulations.

  5. Energy Management Stage

    From artificial intelligence and cloud-based systems through to the Internet of Things and building information modelling – the world of energy data is undergoing a huge transformation. This session will explore the emerging drivers, challenges and opportunities when it comes to monitoring, measuring and acting upon your data more effectively.

  6. Energy Management Stage

    The renewables revolution is already well underway, but there remains a long way to go for the UK to completely decarbonise its energy supply. This session will explore the key industrial, technological and political enablers on the road to 100% renewable energy for businesses. 

  7. Energy Management Stage

    From the use of sold products through to business travel, transportation and distribution – Scope 3 emissions are often the hardest source of emissions  to reduce. This hour-long session will help you overcome the challenge of calculating, reporting and ultimately reducing these indirect emissions on the path to net-zero.

  8. Energy Management Stage

    What does the business energy system of the future look like? And what does this mean for the role of the energy manager? Based on the results of edie’s annual Business Energy Barometer, this session is a must attend for all energy managers seeking to stay ahead of the curve and take their business energy strategy forward in 2019-20?

  9. Energy Management Stage

    We close the day with a solutions-focused session about one of the biggest challenges facing energy managers: driving impactful, long-term behaviour change. Our expert speakers will arm you with the innovative techniques and systems required to achieve energy reduction targets through your people.

Resources and Waste Stage
  1. Resources and Waste Stage

    Setting the bar high from the offset, we hear from the inspirational business leaders that are accelerating the circular economy transition by redesigning systems, shaking up business models and embracing a zero-waste mindset.

  2. Resources and Waste Stage

    The vast majority of consumers have never heard of the ‘circular economy’. It’s therefore no surprise that mainstreaming the concept remains a major challenge for business. This session will see industry experts discuss the role that sustainability and resource efficiency professionals can play in changing how people think and act towards the circular economy.

  3. Resources and Waste Stage

    The UK Government promised to “cement the UK’s place as a world-leader in resource efficiency” through its Resources and Waste Strategy – so, what are the key policy and regulatory enablers supporting businesses when it comes to waste prevention, re-use and recycling?

  4. Resources and Waste Stage

    From hyper-consumerism and unsustainable business models to poor waste management infrastructure and inadequate recycling technologies – the road to a circular economy is paved with a number of key challenges. This panel debate brings together an array of resource efficiency experts to discuss how those challenges can be overcome over the next few years.

  5. Resources and Waste Stage

    Plastics pollution is without doubt the biggest circular economy challenge business has ever faced. This flagship session will see a selection of business leaders and circular economy experts discuss the solutions that are accelerating the UK’s transition to an economy free of single-use-plastic.

  6. Resources and Waste Stage

    This session is all about breaking out of the fixed mindset and sparking disruptive ideas and actions to build an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. We’ll be hearing from a selection of business leaders and innovators working on the cutting edge of the circular economy.

  7. Resources and Waste Stage

    This series of quick-fire case studies will hear from the organisations that are delivering against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through sustainability and resource efficiency.

  8. Resources and Waste Stage

    The need to adopt transparent and sustainable supply chain and procurement models has never been more important in the context of  resources and waste. This session will hear from a selection of sustainability and supply chain experts who are taking the lead on supplier engagement to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.   

  9. Resources and Waste Stage
    We close the day with a look at how businesses can transition away from linear, degenerative business models and reduce impacts on soil, fish stocks, forests and more to become ‘one-planet compatible’
Buildings and Transport Stage
  1. Buildings and Transport Stage

    To achieve good development on a planet stressed by escalating climate change and diminishing natural resources, our buildings must be net-zero carbon and ultra-efficient. This session will hear from the businesses that are leading the UK’s green building movement.

  2. Buildings and Transport Stage

    From building automation and controls through to telematics and autonomous vehicles – this session will explore the changing relationship between employees and energy on the road to net-zero buildings and transport.

  3. Buildings and Transport Stage

    Transport is responsible for a quarter of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions – but the solutions are ready, here, now. This session will bring together energy and fleet managers from some of the businesses that are spearheading the movement towards net-zero carbon transport.

  4. Buildings and Transport Stage

    Mass urbanisation continues to pile pressure on every part of a city's status quo – and buildings and transport are no exception. This session will explore how businesses are utilising smart technologies and innovations to build net-zero-ready buildings and transport systems.

  5. Buildings and Transport Stage

    It’s clear that stronger and more effective policies will be needed for businesses to achieve net-zero buildings and transport by 2050. This session provides an update as to the regulatory environment across both of these areas, and explores the policy priorities for the coming few years.

  6. Buildings and Transport Stage

    Electric vehicles are just one piece of the net-zero carbon transport puzzle. From alternative fuels to smarter business travel, this session will showcase some of the other mobility solutions that are being turned to on the road to zero emissions.

  7. Buildings and Transport Stage

    A high initial cost of purchasing EV models and inadequate charging infrastructure are just some of the challenges being felt by businesses when it comes to making the switch to EVs. This hour-long session will hear from the organisations that are overcoming those challenges and accelerating the e-mobility transition.

  8. Buildings and Transport Stage

    This series of quick-fire case studies will hear from the organisations that have taken their energy efficiency strategies onto the next level; going beyond the low-hanging fruit to reduce energy costs and deliver lasting performance improvements across their operations.

  9. Buildings and Transport Stage

    It’s been a hot topic ever since the UK announced it’s net-zero carbon commitment: the decarbonisation of heat – which is responsible for around 25% of the country’s emissions. This session will explore what the future holds for low-carbon heating and cooling – from both a business and policy perspective.