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05 Feb 2020

edie's publisher Faversham House expands ClimateCare partnership to offset event travel emissions

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edie's publisher Faversham House expands ClimateCare partnership to offset event travel emissions

edie's publishing company Faversham House has announced an expansion to its partnership with ClimateCare to offset all carbon emissions from speaker and delegate travel across all its events throughout 2020.

Faversham House has partnered with the B Corp ClimateCare to offset travel emissions from events for the year, building on a partnership that has been in place for seven years. While the original partnership focused on offsetting select events, the new agreement will cover Faversham House’s entire event portfolio, including those hosted by edie and Utility Week amongst others.

Faversham House’s director of conferences Dominica Andrews said: “Faversham House is committed to reducing its environmental impact which is why we have decided to offset all travel emissions from all our 2020 events through our long-standing partnership with ClimateCare.

“We are focused on becoming a more sustainable business and identified travel emissions as a key area we need to address. I’m delighted we are now able to extend this commitment across our whole event portfolio and hope that it will encourage others in the event and conference sector to also consider how they take responsibility for the climate impact of their events.”

The organisation’s Climate+Care initiative enables companies to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by funding low-carbon projects that support a multitude of sustainability and societal projects. Faversham House joins the likes of Linklaters and Aviva in using the expertise of ClimateCare.

The partnership will build on Faversham House’s public commitments to sustainability, accessible via the Mission Possible Pledge Wall. Faversham House as pledged to reduce its scope 1 emissions by 10% over a five-year period relative to company turnover. The organisation is also developing a Sustainable Events Policy, of which offsetting delegate and speaker travel will form a part of.

In 2016, for example, edie and ClimateCare’s partnership helped improve the lives of 450 people in Ghana through the Gyapa stoves projects, which offset more than 100 tonnes of carbon.