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Each year, edie brings 2 days of inspiration, ideas and solutions to empower thousands of energy, sustainability and resource professionals to lead the net-zero revolution.

From inspirational and informative seminar sessions and advice clinics, to interactive workshops and facilitated networking - every moment is engineered to spark new ideas and accelerate climate action.


Awesome show, brilliant people and tonnes of opportunity! Feeling inspired indeed
Insightful and inspiring day at edie Live further aiding our sustainable business practices
A great day at edie Live - great participation and passion to tackle sustainability and resource challenges.
edie Live is the perfect choice to talk to organisations and the influencers who care.

Previous attendees

Previous attendees

2019 Features

Advice Clinics

Visitors gained expert advice in free 20-minute, one-to-one consultations on a full range of topics surrounding sustainability.


These roundtable workshops provided a unique opportunity for visitors to collaborate with peers to solve key challenges and opportunities.

Mission Possible Plastics Hub

edie Live's Plastic Hub focused on driving action towards reducing, replacing and eliminating single-use plastics in a variety of roundtable workshops.


The 24-hour hackathon united edie and Utility Week's audience with teams of hackers and tech experts, to solve problems, and accelerate the shift towards future business systems.

EV Showroom

Showcasing electric vehicles and charging stations, the EV Showroom brought to life how EVs can be implemented into business as part of a sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Games

The Sustainability Games brought creativity, positivity and fun into our visitors' environmental initiatives.

Mission Possible Sofa Interviews

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